• Tygris AtmoShield+

    AtmoShield+ is a NSF: H1 registered spray-formulated heavy duty wax film, enriched with corrosion inhibitors and suitable for use within Food & Beverage environments. Providing long term protection against corrosion on metal components and equipment, and resistant to both water wash-off and cleaning, PROTEAN AtmoShield+ is ideal for use on machined surfaces and assemblies that are subjected to long periods of storage or shipping conditions.
  • Tygris Battery Terminal Protector

    TYGRIS R204 is an easily applied fine film spray which protects battery terminals by sealing them from air and moisture, prolonging battery life and increasing its efficiency. Corrosive deposits are prevented from building up and the coating contains a pH indicator to detect the incidence of leaks.
  • Tygris Bright Zinc Cold Galvanise

    TYGRIS TC101 Bright Zinc Cold Galvanise is a fast drying anti-corrosive coating, suitable for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. TC101 can be used as a primer and topcoat and ideal for repairs to cut or damaged galvanised surfaces.
  • Tygris Bright Zinc Galve Spray

    TYGRIS R224 is a bright zinc and aluminium powder based spray used for the cosmetic finishing and protection of previously galvanised surfaces where the component has been cut or welded, thereby exposing metal to the air. Zinc is a sacrificial metal and will prevent oxidisation and corrosion. Resins in the coating cause it to bond firmly to the substrate.
  • Tygris Clear Acrylic Lacquer

    TYGRIS R242 is a fast drying coating used to protect against mild acids, alkalis and general weathering. For sealing and protecting electronics, metal, wood, and paper documents, leaving a smooth, transparent, scratch resistant film with good durability and toughness.
  • Tygris Clear Mould Protector

    TYGRIS IS60 is a clear Metal Protector, used for the protection of moulds and tools, leaving a clear, invisible film which is easy to remove or mould off. Used extensively in the plastic moulding industry it is non-staining and an efficient de-watering agent.
  • Tygris Green Moisture Guard

    TYGRIS R266 is an effective moisture repellent, formulated to provide an ultra-thin green film for protection from corrosion of moulds and tooling whilst in store.
  • Tygris Green Mould Protector

    TYGRIS IS70 is an effective moisture displacement, formulated to provide an ultra-thin green film for protection from corrosion of moulds and tooling whilst in store. Used extensively in the plastic moulding industry. Easy to clean or mould off.
  • Tygris Zinc Galvanising Spray Heavy Duty

    TYGRIS R239 is a high quality zinc spray providing active metal protection against corrosion and an excellent primer coat. The sacrificial properties of zinc contribute to an effective defence against oxidisation should the coating become damaged. Zinc Galvanising Spray can be used both on bare metal and previously galvanised surfaces, and is suitable for spraying onto acrylic or cellulose paints (not alkyd). It may be over-coated with acrylic, alkyd, p/u alkyd and epoxy.