• Tygris Alüminyum Anti-Seize

    TYGRIS R233 is a high temperature multi purpose blend of heat stable lubricant and anti-seize compound used in a wide range of automotive, industrial, marine and construction applications, helping to eliminate seizure, pitting and rusting of components exposed to heat. Use on threaded components, flanges, chains and locks to facilitate in future dismantling.
  • Tygris Belt Dressing Anti-Slip

    TYGRIS R215 effectively boosts the performance of ‘V’, flat and round drive belts by reducing slippage, thereby extending belt life, reducing energy needs and the noise associated with slipping belts. Helps in the management of production costs and reduces environmental impact.
  • Tygris Ceramic Release Spray

    TYGRIS IS35 is a ceramic/boron nitride spray for use as a dry film protective coating on MIG welding torches, jigs, fittings and cables etc to prevent the adhesion of welding spatter. Also used as an excellent lubricant on moulds and dies used in aluminium extrusion processes.
  • Tygris Chain & Wire Lubricant

    TYGRIS R220 is a heavy duty, additive-reinforced lubricant which penetrates deeply into drive chains and wire ropes to give long lasting lubrication, preventing corrosion, wear and chain elongation. It gives outstanding performance under extreme load and is resistant to fling off.
  • Tygris Chain Spray

    TYGRIS F408 is a food grade chain spray which is a highly tenacious, anti-fling lubricant designed to keep chain and drive systems operating smoothly. Being non-toxic and water resistant it is ideal when used on food conveyor systems requiring frequent wash down.
  • Tygris Circuit Freezer Spray

    TYGRIS R240 is a rapid cooling agent used in a number of applications where lowering the temperature quickly is beneficial, including the detection of electronic equipment faults, working on small bore water pipes, and shrink fitting of close-tolerance metal parts. A non-flammable, inert, liquefied gas.
  • Tygris Clear Fine Oil

    TYGRIS R211 is a general purpose, light duty lubricant and penetrant designed to release seized components and lubricate small, delicate mechanisms.
  • Tygris Clear Fork Lift Chain Lubricant

    TYGRIS IS75 is a premium-grade oil based product that gives clear lubrication to chains and other moving parts where a dark coloured lubricant would be undesirable. Its anti-fling properties make it very effective when used on moving parts, penetrating into the mechanism and depositing a film of extreme pressure additives which will withstand pressure washing.
  • Tygris Clear Grease

    TYGRIS R226 is used on chains and moving metal parts. This high performance grease penetrates rapidly before thickening to a tenacious grease which is highly resistant to throw off. The addition of extreme-pressure additives makes it particularly effective under heavy loads.
  • Tygris Clear Penetrating Oil

    TYGRIS R212 is a clear ‘low-viscosity’ oil based product used to aid the removal and freeing of seized nuts and bolts, hinges, locks, tools and fittings with a fast penetrating capillary action. Leaves a clear protective film to guard against further corrosion.
  • Tygris Clear Polymer Chain Lubricant

    TYGRIS R228 is a clear, polymer based lubricant which is used on chains and sprockets, pins and bushes where its anti-fling performance is important and where a clear invisible film is necessary for cosmetic reasons. It penetrates into the chain, depositing a film of extreme pressure additives and polymers which will withstand pressure washing.
  • Tygris Clear Silicone Grease

    TYGRIS R230 is waterproof silicone based grease which is very effective for the insulation of electrical components and parts as well as being an excellent sealant against moisture. Ideal for use on rubber seals and many other exterior applications.