Gear Oils

  • Millers Oils Ep Gear Oil 80w90 Gl4

    Hight quality solvent refined gear oil with extreme pressure (EP) performance additives. Use in equipment requiring extreme pressure lubricant. Ideal for vehicle gearboxes and trans-axles. Suitable for rear axles not requiring hypoid oils and industrial power transmission systems.
  • Millers Oils Hypoid 90 Gl5

    High performance lubricant used in manual transmissions and hypoid axles requiring extreme pressure lubricants. Well proven superior performance, provides trouble-free operation, Imparts exceptional load carrying ability. Friction modified for mild limited slip applications.
  • Millers Oils Syntran Fe 75w90

    Fully synthetic transmission oil for use in commercial vehicle transmissions (gearboxes and axles) which require API GL4/ GL5 lubricants. Provides longer life, improved cleanliness, low temperature operations (free floqing down to -40°C), easier gear shifting, potential for improved fuel economy, ability to reduce temperatures in ‘hot’ running axles.
  • Millers Oils Syntran Ii 75w90

    Semi synthetic transmission oil for the lubrication of vehicle transmission systems, rear axles and gearboxes requiring API GL4/5 or API MT-1. Provides rapid lubrication of the transmission components especially in cold start-up conditions. Easier gear shifting. Provides high level of oxidation resistance to keep all components clean.
  • Millers Oils Syntran Ld 75w80

    Fully synthetic transmission oil for commercial vehicles and coaches, especially those equipped with ZF manual synchromesh transmissions for long drain intervals requiring API GL4. Provides longer life, improved cleanliness, with excellent performance at low temperature operations (free flowing down to –40°C). Provides improved gear shift and potential for better fuel economy