Eclipse Fuel Treatments

  • Millers Oils Eclipse

    Eclipse™ is a revolutionary new fuel additive that not only increases fuel efficiency but also lowers emissions and cleans injectors. For cost effective performance with all types of diesel engines, especially Euro IV and Euro V emission compliant vehicles. Also compatible with Euro III and older vehicles and mobile plant.
  • Millers Oils Eclipse Powercide Plus

    A specialist diesel fuel treatment, which combines an effective treatment for the prevention of bacterial and fungal contamination with improved cetane and detergent additives for increased fuel efficiency, lower emissions and cleaner injectors. To eradicate bacterial and fungal contamination first use Eclipse™ Shock Dose then follow up with Eclipse™ Powercide Plus for continued protection against contamination.
  • Millers Oils Eclipse Shock Dose

    A highly effective diesel fuel treatment, which helps to eradicate problems caused by bacterial and fungal contamination. For use where contamination of the fuel and fuel system has already occurred or is suspected.
  • Millers Oils Zeroflo Two

    Zeroflo Two is an additive for diesel fuel to improve cold flow characteristics and depress the formation of wax crystals which can appear at low temperatures. Fuel varies in response to wax crystal modifiers on a fuel to fuel basis. Winter diesel and gas oil should flow down to -15°C. The addition of Zeroflo Two at the recommended treatment should improve this by a further -5°C down to -20°C. To be used at one part per 1000 parts of diesel fuel.