Somoil Petrokimya

As the Turkey distributor of Millers Oils and Tygris brands, our company offers you its solutions of advanced oils and oil additives for industrial machines, primarily the vehicles used in agriculture, highway, construction machinery and forestry sector, as well as textile machines and food production machines.

Advanced Oils and Fuel Additives

Millers Oils is a highly innovative independent producer of the market leader oils and fuel applications with its history of offering creative lubrication solutions for several leading brands of the world. Enhanced efficiency, extended service intervals, higher reliability and longer engine life are just a few of the benefits you will attain by using our products.

Expert Products for Cleaning, Lubrication and Protection

The range of TYGRIS aerosols has been designed to provide performance, reliability, confidence and suitability in the easy-to-use spray formulations.

All our products of Millers Oils and Tygris brands are supported with fast-accessible technical assistance. Our Technical Service team is always ready to offer its knowledge and expertise when and if needed.